MTC  Promotions - Where "STARS" Soar, Because of each Fan!
Promoter of - Celebrity In-Person Appearance, TV/Movie Pop-Culture, Music and Sports Convention Event Shows.

We Specialize in - - Celebrity Photos, Autographs, Posters, Action Figures, Ornaments, Pins, T-Shirts, Collector Plates, Lithos, and More . .

MTC Promotions markets and promotes shows for fans to meet, get Autographs and Photo-Ops from their favorite Celebrities (Fan / Celebrity shows). In addition we have a full line of merchandise to sell and market to fans.

The four Industries of Celebrity’s that we market are - TV, Movies, Music and Sports.
We  Offer :
  • Employment  Opportunities  Available
  • Corporate  Sponsorships  Available
  • Vendor  Booths  Available
  • Charity  Organization  Booths  Available
  • Event  Show  Volunteers  Needed

Local area Employees are also needed.

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